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 We’re big fans of family cooking and are all about making dinner time a whole lot easier.  We’ve been in the biz for more than a decade and reckon we’ve cracked the meal-prep code with our selection of chef-made ready meals and simple heat and serve options. It’s dinner made easy… and tasty… and just really, really good.


Our Story

Where It All Began

Welcome to The Omnivore Kitchen.

Remember us from our Ben the Butcher days? We’ve swapped our butcher’s hats for chef’s pants! Making high-quality, wholesome food is what we’re passionate about and, after 12 years owning and running butcher’s shops, we thought it was high time to make our range of chef-made ready meals the star of the show.

So here we are at The Omnivore Kitchen! With our brand, spanking new commercial kitchen we’ll be creating even more fantastic heat-and-serve options.

You see omnivores, which is what we humans are, eat a bit of everything, and we’re embracing this concept wholeheartedly. 


Our Food Philosophy

Our mantra has always been that food shouldn’t cost a fortune to be good. Prices shouldn’t increase just because something is deemed to be #trendy. Good food is something we should all be able to enjoy no matter your budget. This is what we strive for with our little business – to give you and your family the best value possible.

Eat Like An Omnivore

The definition of an omnivore is… “an animal or person that eats a variety of food of both plant and animal origin”. This is us on a plate. Omnivore is a wonderful umbrella term that encapsulates everyone. As butchers we heard a lot about carnivores, while the herbivores kept a wide berth. But as omnivores we can welcome everyone with open arms and a knife and fork.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Ben Willis | Owner Operator

After 25 years in the meat industry, we were ready for a change.

The move from a meat-based to meals-based business was a natural progression since the meals have played such a large part in our journey.

As butchers, the meals were a way to reduce waste and create food from off cuts. However, as The Omnivore Kitchen, we can loosen the belt buckle and explore the world of food. We’re looking forward to bringing even more variety to your dinner table. 




Ben has more than 25 years of experience in the food industry, working in Australia, NZ and the UK. He honed his craft in his hometown of Beaudesert, Queensland, then worked on the Gold Coast before heading to the UK for travel and industry experience.


He joined the famous London institution of Lidgates Butchers, managing a large team and rubbing shoulders with the landed gentry. It was also where he met his now wife, Erica, a Kiwi and journalist by trade. Ben and Erica moved to Melbourne in 2007 and opened their first butcher’s shop – Gourmet Meats on Bridge – in Richmond in 2011. Ben the Butcher Balwyn followed in 2013. The Omnivore Kitchen is our third retail outing and culmination of years of knowledge and experience.

What Sets Us Apart

Wholesome Family Meals

Our chef creates mouth-watering ready meals, including lasagne, family pies, Italian meatballs and lamb ragu.

Fresh Ingredients

We make food the way it should be made, with natural ingredients and the highest quality, free-range produce.

Excellent Service

We pride ourselves on providing  customer service that is second to none. We also love a laugh and are partial to a good joke.

Our Guarantee


Fresh, ethically sourced produce from sustainable farms | Delicious chef-made meals, pies and stocks | Plenty of vegetables – we love vegetables | Excellent service | Cooking tips and instructions

Opening Hours

7am – 4.30pm

7am – 2pm


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